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THE HISTORY OF Golfo Paradiso

In Camogli the maritime passenger transport service was born in 1932 following a modest tourist demand. The Biancotti brothers, fishermen, were the first to start this activity with their small work boat called “LUIGI”. The service is carried out on request only on holidays and pre-holidays. During the war period, the maritime service was also carried out and after the bombing of Recco and the interruption of the railway line, it was expanded, also allowing the connection by sea with Nervi. In the 1950s and 1960s the notoriety of the neighboring village of Portofino, known throughout the world for being frequented by actors and famous people, was initially reflected in a limited but gradually increasing way, on the small village of San Fruttuoso, inducing the precursors of this maritime activity to come together in small groups to increase the number of their boats and intensify the connection service with Camogli.

The Company faces the first signs of the nascent mass tourism. From there, parallel to the tourist growth, a path of development and renewal begins both in the boats and in the services offered; in 1983, by merging the existing companies, “GOLFO PARADISO” snc was founded. Today the Company has ten boats from nine up to 27 meters in length and a capacity from a minimum of 42 to a maximum of 350 passengers; it operates all year round and is present from Genoa to the Cinque Terre with scheduled connections and day trips.

At the beginning of 2010, studies began on a quality service that could satisfy the demand for naturalistic experiences within the Cetacean Sanctuary.
Thanks to the involvement of experts in the activity and the absorption of the BluWest Company (leader in the sea observation sector), in April 2011 Whalewatchgenova and WhalewatchImperia were born, quality brands used by the parent company Golfo Paradiso to distinguish themselves in whalewatching in the Pelagos Sanctuary.
Thus began a real Cetacean Sighting service at regional level: in the Levant using Genoa-Nervi-Recco-Camogli as ports of departure and in the Ponente Andora-Laigueglia-Imperia-SanRemo-Bordighera.

In 2019 the fleet increases in number from 7 to 8 boats, three of which are used for the Cetacean Sighting activity.

The Golfo Paradiso Whale Watching brand was born in 2020, the result of the union of the Whalewatchgenova and WhalewatchImperia brands