• It is not allowed to smoke on board;
  • It is strictly forbidden to throw waste and objects into the sea;
  • All the waste must be tossed in the appropriate bins;
  • Avoid any conduct which may endanger their own and/or others’ safety and supervise minors and persons under their responsibility;
  • Do not disturb other passengers with a too high tone of voice;
  • Do not enter “staff only” areas;
  • Do not activate alarms or any other emergency device;
  • Do not damage the common areas of the motorboat and keep as clean as possible its furniture;
  • Supervise the animals you are travelling with, making sure they don’t disturb other passengers or cause damage to persons or objects;
  • Passengers are required to guard their bags, without hindering others and/ or causing damage;
  • Passengers shall only occupy the spaces allocated to them; it is not allowed to enter the “crew only” areas;
  • It is forbidden to sit on and/or lean out of the edges of the boat. Also, to run and/or jump is not allowed;
  • It is mandatory to remain seated and lean firm against the seats during navigation;
  • It is forbidden to stop along the transit passage during embarkation and disembarkation, allowing the passage of all the other passengers as much as possible;
  • Passengers are required to remain seated during navigation. Pay maximum attention and hold on to the handrail in case of use of stairs or other access;
  • If a passenger notices a principle of fire, notify promptly a crew member by shouting “FIRE ON BOARD”;
  • If a passenger sees a person fall overboard, they must immediately notify the crew by shouting “MAN OVERBOARD” indicating which side of the motorboat they saw the person fall from;
  • It is mandatory to use only the dedicated passage for the embarkation and disembarkation operations;
  • Children must be accompanied and supervised by their parents during navigation. The dogs must be firmly held on a leash and be muzzled;
  • In the event of the impossibility of disembarkation due to force majeure events, the passenger may disembark at one of the following boarding points of his choice, without entitlement to any compensation or reimbursement;
  • Golfo Paradiso Srl is not liable for the consequences resulting from any breach of the above-mentioned regulations.
In case of an accident or of any event occurring on the ship that may cause damage to a passenger, the captain must be immediately notified before disembarkation and all the required personal details must be provided so that whoever may be in charge of the unit in that moment will be able to proceed with the issuing of the report. In case of lack of any of the required details no claim for compensation will be accepted.


These general conditions indicate the rules to be applied for the carriage of passengers and their belongings on the units belonging to Golfo Paradiso Srl. These terms shall be deemed to be fully accepted by the passenger at the time of purchase of the tickets which make express reference to them.

The carrier is not liable for damages caused by delays or by unattended or inaccurate performance of the transport if caused by accidents, force majeure, adverse weather and/or sea conditions, strikes, technical faults causing force majeure or any other cause beyond their reasonable control. In case of events that might endanger the ship’s and/or the passengers’ safety, the captain shall always have the right to change the route. Advertised fares and conditions may be subject to change until the issuance of the ticket. For matters not covered by these terms regarding liability in relation to passengers’ transport, express reference is made to the Italian Navigation Code and applicable EU Regulations.

The crossing times are merely indicative and calculated based on the distance between ports in favourable weather and sea conditions. The Company cannot be held accountable for delays due to port operations.


The possession of a valid ticket is the necessary condition for the passenger to be allowed to travel on Golfo Paradiso’s units.

The ticket is a contract of carriage and must be kept for the duration of the entire journey.
Residents’/workers’ boarding passes are strictly personal and only valid if submitted to the crew at the time of boarding.

Submitting a valid ticket entitles the passenger to board and being transported to the destination harbour. However, the boarding entitlement might be denied in the event of safety reasons that might be considered such, at unquestionable discretion of the captain, of the Navigation Society or of the relevant authorities.

The ticket is strictly personal – non-transferable – valid until 19.30 of the day of its issue


The access on board may be denied to passengers who are unable to show their travel documents or to holders of discounted tickets who are not entitled to them.


The fares applied by Golfo Paradiso Srl are available on the company’s website and at the Company’s ticket offices.

For children under 4 years of age the passage is free.

Children from 4 to 12 years old will be charged a reduced rate.


Passengers under the age of 14 cannot travel alone. They must be supervised at all times by their parents and/or the adult passengers charged with exercising due care and cannot move freely on the ship unaccompanied. In no case will the Carrier be liable for damages incurred to minors in violation of the above. If the minor travels under the responsibility of a third party, a written authorisation of the parents or guardian in which they declare to entrust the child to a designated person who will be responsible for all legal purposes is required. Said declaration must be accompanied by a photocopy of a valid identity document of each registrant.

Under-age passengers between 14 and 18 years of age may travel alone, on the condition to be in possession of a written permission of the parental authority operator releasing the Carrier from all liability.


The passenger is required to arrive at the boarding point at least 15′ before the departure time.

They must also comply with the procedures provided for the quay of transit and boarding access, observing the directions provided by our staff.


Bicycles, scooters and/or the like are allowed on the Company’s units, subject to the following conditions:

Availability of space on board and consequent consent of the captain who, for reasons of space, may refuse to embark the above-mentioned means of transport.

The fare applied to the transport of a bicycle is the one-way ticket fare of the chosen tourist line.


Pets are allowed on the Company’s units, subject to the following conditions:

  • each passenger is allowed to board a single animal;
  • the animal must be defined as “domestic” as in the commonly used meaning; therefore, only animals such as dogs and cats are considered domestic animals;
  • the presence of the animal must be denounced at the time of the ticket purchase.
The arrival times are only indicative and might be subject to change due to weather and sea conditions, port traffic, limitations imposed by the competent authorities or by third entities not attributable to the Company.
Given the poor accessibility of some of the destinations, the lack of opportunity to always carry out the boarding/disembarkation operations safely and given that the final decision is up to the captain, we kindly ask to always contact us by phone at (+39)0185772091 or by e-mail at in advance to make sure to have all the information needed for the requested service.