Camogli - San Fruttoso

Camogli - San Fruttuoso 

in the heart of the Golfo Paradiso

The Blue Line (Linea Blu) connects the charming fishing villages of Recco, CamogliPunta Chiappa and San Fruttuoso while offering visitors a boat trip around Golfo Paradiso with stunning views and unforgettable sights.

After leaving the dock of Camogli passengers will first enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the tiny village and then be able to admire the majesty of Portofino mountain, the pudding-stone landmark outcrop of Punta Chiappa, and then the exclusive hamlet of San Fruttuoso, followed by the famous Hermit grotto and the Cala dell’Oro, both protected areas where boats are prohibited.

Along the way, passengers often sight striped bottle-nosed dolphins and the other dolphins that live in these coastal waters. From April through September one can also reach Camogli Punta Chiappa and San Fruttuoso from the town of Recco, which is closer to the autostrada and where it is easier to park. The trip from Recco to Camogli takes only 5 minutes.


From Camogli: all year round
From Recco: from April to September


Recco, Camogli, Punta Chiappa, San Fruttuoso

PRICE 2024​


Timetable May 2024

Departures from Camogli for Punta Chiappa and San Fruttuoso: 9:00-10:00-11:00-12:00-13:00*-14:00-15:00-16:00

Departures from Punta Chiappa to San Fruttuoso: 9:15-10:15-11:15-12:15-13:15*-14:15-15:15-16:15

Departures from San Fruttuoso to Punta Chiappa and Camogli: 9:30-10:30-11:30-12:30-14:30*-15:00-16:00-17:00

Departures from Punta Chiappa to Camogli: 9:45-10:45-11:45-12:45-14:15*-15:15-16:15-17:15

*only Saturdays and holiday


Timetable June and September 2024

Departures from Camogli for Punta Chiappa and San Fruttuoso: 9:00-10:00-11:00-12:00-13:00-14:00-15:00-16:00-17:00

Departures from Punta Chiappa to San Fruttuoso: 9:15-10:15-11:15-12:15-13:15-14:15-15:15-16:15-17:15

Departures from San Fruttuoso to Punta Chiappa and Camogli: 9:30-10:30-11:30-12:30-14:00-15:00-16:00-17:00-18:00

Departures from Punta Chiappa to Camogli: 9:45-10:45-11:45-12:45-14:15-15:15-16:15-17:15-18:15


Timetable July and August 2024

Departures from Camogli for Punta Chiappa and San Fruttuoso: 9:00-10:00-11:00-12:00-13:00-14:00-15:00-16:00-17:00-18:00°

Departures from Punta Chiappa to San Fruttuoso: 9:15-10:15-11:15-12:15-13:15-14:15-15:15-16:15-17:15-18:15°

Departures from San Fruttuoso to Punta Chiappa and Camogli: 9:30-10:30-11:30-12:30-14:00-15:00-16:00-17:00-18:00-19:00°

Departures from Punta Chiappa to Camogli: 9:45-10:45-11:45-12:45-14:15-15:15-16:15-17:15-18:15-19:15°

° In July only Saturdays and holidays

Timetable May 2024

Service active only Saturday and holiday

Departure from Recco to Camogli, Punta Chiappa and San Fruttuoso: 9:15-10:15-11:15-13:45-14:45-15:45

Departure from San Fruttuoso to Recco: 10:30-11:30-12:30-14:00-15:00-16:00-17:00

Departure from Punta Chiappa to Recco: 10:45-11:45-12:45-14:15-15:15-16:15-17:15

Departure from Camogli to Recco: 9:00-10:00-11:00-13:30-14:30-15:30-16:30-17:30


Timetable June and September 2024

The Service is active every day, except from September 6 th to 9th

Departure from Recco to Camogli, Punta Chiappa and San Fruttuoso: 9:15-10:15-11:15-13:45-14:45-15:45-16:45

Departure from San Fruttuoso to Recco: 10:30-11:30-12:30-14:00-15:00-16:00-17:00-18:00

Departure from Punta Chiappa to Recco: 10:45-11:45-12:45-14:15-15:15-16:15-17:15-18:15

Departure from Camogli to Recco: 9:00-10:00-11:00-13:30-14:30-15:30-16:30-17:30-18:30


Timetable July and August 2024

The Service is active every day

Departure from Recco to Camogli, Punta Chiappa and San Fruttuoso: 9:15-10:15-11:15-13:45-14:45-15:45-16:45-17:45*

Departure from San Fruttuoso to Recco: 10:30-11:30-12:30-14:00-15:00-16:00-17:00-18:00-19:00*

Departure from Punta Chiappa to Recco: 10:45-11:45-12:45-14:15-15:15-16:15-17:15-18:15-19:15*

Departure from Camogli to Recco: 9:00-10:00-11:00-13:30-14:30-15:30-16:30-17:30-18:30

*In July only Saturday and holidays


IMPORTANT: the 12:30 and 12:45 returns from San Fruttuoso and Punta Chiappa will be observe a 30 minutes stop in Camogli before proceeding to Recco

The service is carried out in favorable weather and sea conditions judged as such by the captain and / or internal service needs; no indemnity or compensation will be paid by the Soc. Golfo Paradiso S.r.l. for any delays, even partial suspensions of the service in relation to weather and sea conditions and / or in any case due to forced or force majeure, whatever the causes.

Reduced: Child up to 3 years free (accompanied by a parent). From 4 to 12 years old reduced (the reduction applies only to round-trip tickets, except on the Recco-Camogli-Punta Chiappa-San Fruttuoso line service).

Discounts for groups, rentals for special trips and for school groups.