Species sighted: striped dolphin, beaked whale, sperm whale

On board the Sagittarius motorship today we were able to observe 3 of the eight species of cetaceans of the wonderful Pelagos Sanctuary. Even before reaching an area with great depths, we sighted a very large group of striped dolphins, about 50 specimens. The animals were in a rather unusual position, considering that they generally live well off the coast. Following on the Polcevera canyon we also managed to identify a specimen of Zifio, recognized thanks to the photo ID. Bob, the name of this animal, remained in the company of our boat for some time, taking a few breaths and swimming just below the water level. Subsequently we had the opportunity to observe 2 specimens of Sperm whale in the waters in front of Vado Ligure, thanks to the reports of our dear colleagues of Menkab ilBREBRE DEL SEA. We were able to observe the biologists at work with their particular tools, such as the hydrophone, used for listening and tracking these magnificent giants.