Species sighted: Ruffed whale, Striped dolphin, Tuna

Finally after several days of wind we managed to go on an excursion with a much calmer sea. Sailing in the waters above the Polcevera canyon we have our first sighting: a small group of Zifi made up of 3 individuals! We observed these wonderful animals twice, separated by a dive that lasted about 20 minutes. Once they resurfaced, the Beaked Whales remained on the surface for some time and also very close to our boat… this gave us the possibility of being able to confirm that they were individuals already known and present in our catalogue. Giorgia and Bronchitis, two adult females and also those who swam closest to us during the sighting, and then there was Innominato, a male who kept well away. Being able to meet these animals again and see that they are well is always a thrill for us! Continuing the excursion, however, we also managed to observe many striped dolphins, at least 3 different groups with numerous cubs, even very small ones, and some tuna jumping into their food!