Species sighted: Striped dolphin, Fin whale, Mobula, Tuna, Shearwater and Shearwater.

The sea today was particularly calm, a real body of water and on board the Motorship Sagittario the sightings were more than exciting! The first species encountered was the Striped Dolphin, shortly before arriving in the pelagic area. About fifty specimens with even some cubs, giving us spectacular jumps on our stern waves. Following another group of striped dolphins again with several cubs and continuing towards the end of the two canyons we also manage to identify a large back. It was a fin whale, whose breath was practically absent and it took few breaths between one dive and another. However, it was extraordinary to have been able to observe the second largest animal in the world, especially given the fact that it had been several weeks since we had encountered an example of this species. However, the day was characterized by the sighting of two Mobulas, which like the Fin Whale are filter-feeding animals, of Tunas in feeding and of Great and Minnow Shearwaters.