Species sighted: Striped dolphin, Mobula, Fin whale, Beaked whale, Great shearwater, Red shearwater, Yellow-legged gull, Tuna

Today’s excursion began immediately with the sighting of a group of Striped Dolphins, just before arriving at the canyons in front of Genoa. The group was made up of around thirty individuals, who spent some time in our company and our stern waves to play with. Subsequently we spotted a Mobula and a couple of Shearwaters flying right at the water’s surface. On the slope at the bottom of the Bisagno canyon, however, we spot a Fin Whale. We managed to observe this wonderful animal very closely, so much so that we could listen to its powerful breathing! Between one dive and another of the Whale we were also able to observe a specimen of Whale that was in the same area. The specimen, whose name is Jona, is an adult male with a very light color, a sign that the Beaked Beetle is already several years old. The day then ended with the sighting of another group of Striped Dolphins with some pups, other Mobulas jumping out of the water and large feedings with Tunas, Shearwaters, Shearwaters and Herring Gulls.