Species sighted: Zifi and Striped dolphins

The whale watching excursion in the Pelagos sanctuary started under strong sun and high temperatures. The total absence of the wind left the surface of the sea smooth and clear for the entire duration of the excursion. This allowed for numerous sightings of zifi, the first group of which allowed itself to approach while resting placidly on the surface. The 3 animals, not frightened by the boat, remained close to the surface for several minutes. The silence on board also made it possible to listen to the powerful breaths of the animals breathing at a distance of one meter from the bow.
The excursion continued with a group of about 25 dolphins who, as usual, did various stunts around the motor ship. A smaller group of these dolphins, made up of 3 pairs of mother cubs, was instead much more shy, avoiding the approach.
During the return, a last zifio allowed himself to be approached and photographed before diving.