Imperia and West

Imperia and the
International Cetacean Sanctuary

a unique experience in the open sea

Live a unique experience in the open sea, come looking for and admire dolphins and whales in their natural habitat in the International Cetacean Sanctuary.

The excursion lasts about 4 hours from the moment of departure from the last port of embarkation and takes you towards the open sea. The aim is to research and admire in their natural habitat the species of mammals resident in the International Cetacean Sanctuary.

Once you have left the last port of embarkation, after 30 minutes of sailing towards the open sea, you will reach a depth of 2000/2500, where the probability of sighting is greater. From that moment on, actively participate with the crew of our motor ships in the sighting activity, remembering that patience and perseverance are necessary to be successful.


From June 2024


Imperia, Andora, Sanremo, Bordighera.

price 2024​



  • June: From 26 every day except Monday
  • July: Every day except Monday
  • August: Every day
  • September: From 1st to 17 every day; 19-21-22-23-24-26-28-30


  • June: From 19/6 every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • July: Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • August: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • September: From 1/9 to 15/9, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; 18-21-25-28


  • June: Dal 19/6 every Tuesday and Thursday
  • July: Every Tuesday and Thursday
  • August: Every Tuesday and Thursday
  • September: From 1/9 to 15/9 every Tuesday and Thursday ; 17-19-24


  • June: From 19/6 every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • July: Every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • August: Every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • September: From 1/9 to 15/9 every Tuesday and Thursday ; 17-19-24


We recommend that you arrive about thirty minutes before the departure time at the boarding point where the payment and collection of your tickets will take place.

  • The return time is indicative, always consider thirty minutes to spare compared to the expected return time.
  • It is possible to pay by credit card and debit card only from Camogli and Genova.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring a windbreaker, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses with you.
  • don’t forget your camera and binoculars if you have them!
  • If you think you suffer from seasickness or it was your first experience on board, consider bringing with you suitable medicines as needed following the advice of your doctor, considering that only bags for this problem are available on board. For safety reasons, we recommend recommend to pregnant women to consult their doctor before booking.
  • You can take a packed lunch with you to eat on board.
  • If you have to use access for the disabled, remember that boarding is done via the bow gangway with a maximum passage of 60 cm. Contact us for more information.


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