An Unforgettable Season. Thanks to the sea, thanks to the crews and thanks to all of you for all these exciting dives in wonder.

Imperia and the west
Exits: 67
Sperm whale: 48 specimens
Fin whale: 41 specimens
Striped dolphin: 61 groups
Bottlenose dolphin: 4 groups
Grampo: 2 groups
Pilot whale: 4 groups
Zifio: 16 specimens
Manta: 25 specimens
Loggerhead turtle caretta: 22 specimens
Nautical miles traveled: 2887
Exits without sighting: 2

Genoa and the east
Exits: 71
Sperm whale: 30 specimens
Fin whale: 23 specimens
Striped dolphin: 181 groups
Bottlenose dolphin: 9 groups
Grampo: 5 groups
Common dolphin: 10 specimens
Zifio: 143 specimens
Caretta caretta turtle: 14 specimens
Nautical miles traveled: 2995
Exits without sighting: 2

Photo by Daniela Papi and Jessica Picozzi