whales and dolphins The breathtaking thrill of seeing in their natural habitat

Whale Watching in Genoa and Imperia

Genoa and Eastern Riviera “Classic”

Imperia and Western Riviera “Classic”

Genoa and Eastern Riviera “At Sunset”

The Ligurian Sea, with its high depths and the presence of submarine canyons, represents one of the most important marine protected areas of the Mediterranean Sea. And it is just off the Ligurian coast that the Cetacean Sanctuary is located, a destination for many species of marine mammals and the best place to admire these large vertebrates in their natural environment.
The Whale Watching activity (observation of whales and dolphins in their natural environment) is a unique and engaging experience that will thrill young and old, from animal lovers to amateur or professional nature photographers.
The excursion alternates between fun and scientific dissemination, under the guidance of a trained team consisting of a crew, a marine biologist, an experienced Sanctuary whalewatcher, a photographer and researchers from various research institutes.
The team will accompany you along the way by providing interesting information on the Sanctuary, marine mammals and the consequences of the anthropogenic impact on their environment; will be available to answer any questions or curiosities, making the experience not only a pleasure trip, but also an opportunity to learn.
The activity will last approximately 4 hours from the last port of embarkation.
Observation at sea is carried out with the help of binoculars: preparation, attitude, passion and patience are the essential ingredients for an excellent whalewatching. Our watchers are always ready to scour the surface of the sea for fins, backs and breaths.

In case of no sighting of cetaceans, the Company gives the possibility to return a second time free of charge within a period of one year from the date of release.

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